Inspired by 18th century China, the Lulu Liu collection was infused with oriental undertones. Worked into wearable and contemporary pieces, there was a mix of hard and soft textures, the voluminous with the sleek. Pleated wool, finely cut leather, sequins and lace were blurred together along with a plethora of colour including red, blue, orange and yellow. Meanwhile neutrals in navy, white and black provided an understated and elegant note in the collection.

Hand-printed patterns in duck egg blue and yellow paid homage to the designer’s Chinese heritage, with the cleverly intertwined detail of emperor Cixi’s face, (a powerful and controversial woman who inspired the collection). The oriental thread was further emphasised with layered looks being cinched in at the waist.

Triangular pleats, exaggerated ruffles, ballooning shoulders and loosely flowing lapels gave a bold femininity to the collection, emphasising the silhouette and keeping things interesting. Although the vast scope of colour and texture was haphazardly thrown together at times, resulting in a slightly disjointed feel, Lulu Liu’s collection held a variety of looks fit for an elegant and powerful woman.

Written by Daniella Golden. Images © Simon Deiner / SDR Photo.