Painting the perfect picture of the rebellious and free-spirited nature of angst ridden teens, Mary Benson’s AW16 presentation, appropriately entitled ‘What’s My Age Again’, looked every part 90s teenage nostalgia.

Set in Oxford Street’s 100 Club, the presentation felt every ounce representative of those years spent experimenting with clothing and living in the moment. Twin//Venus performed to the curious audience, transporting us back to the pop punk culture that the 90s embodied. Playing with the feminine silhouette, sheer mesh and skimpy lingerie revealed, while billowy sleeves and hooded denim jackets juxtaposed and covered the body.

Mary Benson’s ‘band of rebels’ were clad in bright neons clashed with muted tones, showing the playful experimentation of 90s youth. Delicate slip dresses were given a grunge make-over with metallic star prints and chunky jewellery. A lime green roughed-up tulle skirt was paired with a monochrome striped turtleneck under a grey tee. Silver and black pinstripes took the form of cropped jackets, overalls and a floor length hooded coat, each contrasted with a splash of bright pink and green neon. Converse were coupled with each of Benson’s creations, further referencing the system-defying, fun loving character of the impatient adolescence.

Written by Chelsea Davis. Images as per caption.

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