Mimi Tran’s designs are built upon the vision to celebrate women and the beauty of the female shape. She started out three years ago with her modern glamour designs and today, her femininely sculpted garments are still prompting sophistication on both the inside and the outside.

In the first half of her AW17 collection she presented a range of shorter dresses and jumpsuits characterized by the Mimi Tran signature optical patterns. The stitching and sequins in green, red and gold felt young and fun. Meanwhile, the geometrical patches of colour, which distinguished the curves upon the black background, were definitely in line with complimenting a petite female figure. After the darker garments there was a sweeter and more romantic group of white dresses, with metallic silver bead details. It was simple and familiar, a celebration of modernity and beauty.

The evening wear which followed radiated sophistication. The colour palette for the evening gowns were focused on white and black, embellished by sequins in winding, structural patterns. There was also beautiful floral stitching on sheer materials, tracing the lines of the female figure.

Written by Saga Rådh. Images © Pop PR.