The Napsugar presentation was a disappointingly mediocre affair. Models stood amidst a rather underwhelming setting of pop-art inspired cut-outs that seemed to have very little to do with what they were wearing. The clothes were, for the most part, very plain: white shirts, black trousers, blue shorts… The pieces that did have some real flair were the leather jackets. No two were the same, each featuring different textures, colours and cuts. This was where Napsugar’s creativity and skill came across.

Unfortunately as a whole there was very little to ‘wow’ and a few elements to ‘why?’ – the styling of the model’s hair and make-up being one of them. Even more baffling was the attempted hype-creation of being made to wait endlessly before being allowed in and then having to jostle for space to see what was happening… if anything this only made the event all the more frustrating.

I say all of this and yet the lookbook, that features the same collection with similar styling of the models, is rather lovely. In a professional photo-shoot (minus pop-art props) even the blander items seem to have a purpose and off-set the statement outerwear all the more. The cuts come to life, more so than they did in person. The colours (blue, white, red and black) juxtapose each other better than they did under the garish yellow light of the presentation room. The sense of quality and luxury is present in a way that was totally lacking on the day… It really is a shame that the presentation did little justice to this, clearly very talented, designer’s work.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Image © POP PR.