As part of the Wolf & Badger pop-up showroom at the Savoy hotel, Narciss presented its AW14 collection. It was the brand’s debut at London Fashion Week and one made with attitude and confidence… like the collection itself. A utilitarian theme runs throughout the collection with oversized pockets and hints of late 40s – early 50s tailoring. There are also more contemporary elements such as the use of neon yellow faux fur, origami skirts, and contrasting textural patterns.

The concept behind the collection is that of a world where the line between woman and machine is ever more blurred, as is the level upon which the two depend on each other. Little ode’s to this are present in the decorative cogs and cog-shaped buttons, as well as hardwearing fabrics. A boiler suit inspired jumpsuit and leather pinafore with faux fur detailing further expose the engine room behind the collection.

There are parts where the collection doesn’t seem to gel as a whole, slipping too far away from the concept and into a more generic retro inspired realm. Some of the colour combinations are also questionable but then that’s probably more of a case of personal taste. On the whole, Narciss has provided an interesting taster of its values and identity and I hope they return to LFW to show again in future seasons.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © Vika Anisko.