As soon as the heavy grime began, a riot was predicted. Model’s stomped down the catwalk in hyper sexualized apocalyptic sportswear. Utility straps and bulletproof vests were accompanied by floating layered shorts, the combination of durable accents with the variation of textures created a demonstration of skill and styling.

For Mazhar SS16, the girls again were honoured to be mentioned. Bandana tied trousers, cut outs hemmed with drawstrings and a variety of buckles adding aggression to the silhouettes of exaggerated shoulders and elongating skirt lengths.

Nasir Mazhar updated his trademark pieces such as the backpacks, bully hats and waistbands by drenching the collection in black, the sheen of the technical fabrics added to the wear-ability of the collection. Black camo print and cracked grey fabric contributed to the armour of Mazhar’s models.

The hardness was accented in the styling of the collection with heavy black trainers and a headpiece that came down from a beanie and covered the model’s face. The powerful female characters had black lips as their war paint; with hair that accompanied the individual as opposed to the classic uniformed style.

Nasir Mazhar has created an aggressive ensemble of riot gear, designed to empower and provoke.

Written by Gabrielle Kynoch. Video source British Fashion Council YouTube.

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