Most of us know Nicole Farhi as a well established brand within the fashion industry. However, what’s possibly less well known is that the brand founder, Nicole Farhi herself, departed the label over two years ago to pursue other projects.

When commenting on the possibility of returning to fashion the former designer said: “No. Never. Never. I don’t look down on what I’ve done – for 40 years I was a fashion designer, and every day I enjoyed what I was doing. But I don’t want to spend time thinking about fashion. I don’t find it important – that important.”

Since leaving the label Farhi has focused her creative talents on sculpting and is about to reveal her debut exhibition as a professional sculptor. The exhibition, entitled, From The Neck Up, could not be farther from her former fashion roots.
She added that: “If I pass a shop that is called Nicole Farhi with clothes in the window that I haven’t designed, it’s not me any more. They’re not doing what I used to. I have no connection with that Nicole Farhi over there. Me, I’m the sculptor now.”

Written by Orla Wallis.