All things oceanic are represented in the Orlebar Brown Underwater collection for SS15. The theme is explored from all angles; from the natural elements of the water, the coral and tropical fish, to how the Orlebar Brown wearer interacts with the beach and the coastal lifestyle.

Most obviously this is reflected in the prints; t-shirts depicting busy beach scenes and swim shorts in both conceptual coral graphic prints and more photographic varieties. Equally though, this holistic approach to man’s relationship with the sea is  represented in the fabrics, the cuts and the colour palette. The use of towelling for a pair of vibrant orange shorts, deep teal and navy polo shirts, board shorts… each piece is designed to be practical for the jet skier, the sailor, the sunbather and yes, even the dog walker – but all without sacrificing even an inch of style. (Demonstrating this particularly well were the models dressed in a variety of brightly coloured trunks, each with a dog of a different breed.)

Effortlessly cool and nonchalant, the Orlebar Brown collection gives the beach living look an air of sophistication and chic without taking away the sense of active involvement and sporty masculinity. The injection of bold colours suggests confidence, but also that the Orlebar Brown man doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © as per caption.