For AW16, Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding have explored the growing uncertainty and obscurity of society. Translating themes of consumption and anti-digital futures, Palmer and Harding have created a neutral display of decidedly sophisticated silhouettes.

For this collection, Palmer//Harding have produced cropped layers, billowing ruffles and high neck polos covering half the face. The idea of these clashing lengths, swamping the body is to create anonymity; the pieces are to protect the wearer from “modern onslaught”. Leather patchwork tunics and skirts act as chain mail with coats adding commanding volume.

A neutral palette adds to the concealing theme, varied shades of brown, cream and black are offset by burnt orange, pale blue, peach and mustard. The detail of this collection has gone into pattern manipulation, crafting folds that hang down the body; a mass of fabric around the shoulders and hips. Belts that reflect the patchwork leather pieces are used to hold the waist in amongst the multiple layers.

A simple yet elegant collection interpreting a social anxiety of dystopian futures. The Palmer//Harding girl is protected from this outcome, harnessing power through anonymity.

Written by Gabrielle Kynoch. Images © Village PR.

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