Since establishing his eponymous label in 1999, Danish born Peter Jensen has orchestrated an emphatic fashion cult from behind the walls of his Dalton abode. Undoubtedly London’s ardent embrace of Jensen can be attributed to his playful, no nonsense approach to design and his refreshingly cool homage to popular culture – the latest of which bares little disappointment.

Jensen’s explorative flirtation with eccentric females has left behind him a string of obscure muses, who have added a quirky complexity to past collections. Whilst his Resort 15 tribute to Yoko Ono is characteristically inventive and colourful, there are some very literal representations of the second Mrs. Lennon’s artwork and life.

The Beatles’ green apple logo can be spotted, proudly hand-embroidered onto several blouses, as well as the word ‘grapefruit’, in reference to one of Yoko’s books, vibrantly displayed on a clean white tee. The artist’s radical ‘Cut Piece’ of 1964 is also referred to via a slashed coral-red dress and backless blue jumper.

This collections aesthetic is arguably a less mature offering than Jensen’s SS14 accolade to Diana Ross, however the concept behind ‘Yoko’ is far more conceptually captivating. Chunky knits, masculine silhouettes and mismatched patterns, capture the essence of her bohemian approach to life; whilst knee length skirts, buttoned shirts and flesh coloured socks feel innocently adolescent.

Whether his inspiration has been Tina Barney, Mink Stole, Cindy Sherman or Nina Simone, Peter Jensen’s reputation for producing cleverly conceived and distinctively humourous clothing remains untarnished. Particularly with ‘Yoko’, collections are never overtly fussy but nevertheless seem to embody his choice of left-wing heroine without any real effort.

Written by Hannah Culley. Images © Peter Jensen.