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At Peter Pilotto stunning geometric prints come together creating kaleidoscopic effects in a multitude of colours: Cerise, azure, radiant green, cerulean and violet… colours inspired by drawings from, American artist, Ken Price.

This collection is a true feast for the eyes, both for its vibrancy and its shapes. Skirts and dresses are given boldly feminine structures with crinolines, whilst top halves have a multi-layered effect that mirror the prints. Tweeds, embroidery and lace are used to create even more texture.

It’s the sort of collection you want to reach out and touch… and then sneak into your handbag and take home. Each piece is a covetable statement piece and, trust me, I covet every single one of them. By far the hottest collection of SS14, in my humble opinion.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © and courtesy of Peter Pilotto.