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Leather and sheers, peplum jackets and jagged hems, these are the key players in the Pinghe collection for SS14.

Grey snake print detailing breaks up white on white, whilst contrasting textures and punched hems give depth to all-in-black looks. The collection is pretty much limited to black and white (with the exception of a dress in a gold swirling pattern) allowing the texture play and structure to take the limelight.

Feminine silhouettes are achieved with soft pleating, free-flowing sheers and the odd frill here and there, whilst striking hair and make-up bring a gothic edge. Skater dresses and skirts also feature.

For me, the most interesting look has to be the strapless jumpsuit with the sheer black trouser legs, nipped in at the heel for a ballooning effect. Beautiful.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © and courtesy of Pinghe.