Mother Nature has an uncanny way of influencing fashion trends all year round and the latest collection from London based bespoke jewellery designer Tessa Packard is no different. Taking inspiration from our honey-combed friends, Predator/Prey features a stunning array of delicate earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets that all use the symbol of the wasp as their focal point.

Exploring the relationship between the animate and the inanimate, the collection draws on the power that human contact has over that which it touches. When worn, the wasp is brought to life – active and ready to sting – yet when removed becomes mere prey for the wearer, without whose touch it remains as nothing but lifeless metal.

For such a strong narrative, the pieces are surprisingly light and effortlessly intriguing. From the simple three honeycomb symbol in gold plated silver sterling – found strung on a chain for the neck or block filled as pendants for the ears – to robust looking, yet decidedly unthreatening wasp pendants that hang from traps or perch on fingers ready to pounce. Queen of the nest, however, is the set of Fire Wasp Earrings in 18ct yellow gold amber and amethyst. A wonderfully feminine ensemble that looks as natural as the real thing itself. With just a hint more sparkle.

Written by Emma Bailey. Images © Tessa Packard.