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Sarah Angold’s stunning jewellery has been featured in numerous prestigious publications including Vogue, Grazia, and Time Out New York. Now No Borders Magazine catches up with the designer to find out more about the designer and the process behind her striking collections.

Q:How did your love for jewellery come about?
A: I’ve always loved jewellery ( I am, after all, a woman) but I came to design it via a strange route… Following my MA producing laser cut acrylic and silk textiles, I moved to Japan to design concept car interiors for Toyota. I returned to the UK for a residency at the London Design Museum where I was sponsored by a lighting company and created a lighting collection.

Selfridges saw my installation at the Museum and commissioned a series of giant jewellery pieces for their windows. After that, people kept asking where they could buy the collection, so I thought I’d better design one! That was four seasons ago….

Q: What is it about working in acrylic that interests you?
A: I’m interested in so many materials, acrylic was just the first one I tried and I’ve never got tired of it. You’ll certainly see us incorporating a variety of materials in our future collections.

Q: Does your jewellery bare any reflection on your fashion sense in general?
A: Certainly. I would use the same words to describe my jewellery as my fashion sense: cutting edge, sophisticated, fun, clean lines, provocative.

Q: How important is precision in the making process of your pieces?
A: Absolutely essential. My process blends digital industrial processes with the materials and meticulous hand assembly more characteristic of a watchmaker’s craft. We make everything in house, some pieces take a whole day for an expert to construct.

Q: Can you describe your studio for us?
A: A frenetic mix of laughter and determined ambition.

Q: What puts you in the mood to create?
A: Beautiful objects, inspirational people, the wonder of science and a large glass of Malbec

Q: Who have you been most pleased to see wearing your pieces?
A: I think Cheryl Cole was the first celebrity to champion us so that was pretty special – she borrowed our Cia earrings for an album cover shoot.

Q: What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far?
A: After I graduated from my textile BA I was determined to work with Hussein Chalayan. I have always loved his structural innovation and I thought my fabrics could really add to his collection.

I hounded his assistant for two months, and when that didn’t work I turned up in his reception. A junior designer saw me at first, but I was then passed to his design director and within two hours was discussing fashion week deadlines with Hussein himself. That was my first big commission…

Q: Are there any plans for your own store in the future?
A: Let’s hope so.

To see more of Sarah Angold’s work, visit her website www.sarahangold.com

Twitter: @SarahAngold

Interview by Francesca Bassenger. Photographs courtesy of Sarah Angold, with many thanks to Sarah King.