I love Sarah Ryan’s designs from the moment I set eyes on them. The clever use of weaved leather in her collection is spectacular, particularly when it takes the form of a giant tubular black backpack. The look is reminiscent of tribal baskets and this tribal aesthetic carries on throughout the collection via the use of shearling, knitted / crochet sandals and the styling of the hair.

It’s a collection that stands out for me this season; different from any other. Punched leather crop tops, elasticated at the hem to give a puff-ball effect, layering and contrasting of bold textures; mesh overlays, knit against plaited leather against weave. It’s a textural feast for the eyes and you can’t help but want to reach out and touch it. As the models hit the catwalk, every piece is a revelation and every accessory blows me away. One that stands out in particular is the spherical black handbag encased in plaited leather, absolutely exquisite.

What is incredible is that Ryan only graduated from the Limerick School Of Art And Design in 2013. Only a year later, she appears at London Fashion Week as part of the Ones To Watch Fashion Scout show and her fresh talent has certainly caught my attention.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © POP PR.