Echoing the ideas of the punk era that shook up the fashion world in the 1970s, Sibling’s latest collection is all about rebellion, contrasts and exhibitionism. Exploring a youth culture where individuals adopt a tribal, warrior-like attitude: the collection displays clothes as a form of armour.

Social and fashion norms, tested as traditional cuts, are rejected in favour of an expressive and outlandish silhouette, reflecting the exhibitionist attitude of youth groups. Hyper-masculine jackets are combined with delicate crochet jumpers whilst leopard print and patterned aprons challenge gender stereotypes. This is further exemplified in the unisex boot, a product of Sibling’s collaboration with Robert Clegerie.

Hair and spots, which are identified as the ‘preoccupations of your average self-obsessed youth’, are used extensively in the collection. Individual strands of hair are knitted together to create concealing headpieces which create the air of anonymity that is often associated with youth groups. Mike Egan’s symbol of death explores a far darker side to youth culturewith motifs of skulls and bones used to embellish the clothing further. This is reflected too in the collection’s darker colour palette; black and blue is interjected with flashes of red, reminding us of the danger, violence and vibrancy associated with the archetypal youth.

Written by Catherine Loader. Images © Christopher Dadey.