With Sun Awareness week starting today, the beauty industry is showing great support with its bountiful range of SPF products.  Growing in fashion, and in numbers, cosmetics with sun protection are literally a ‘hot’ trend to follow.

Many new products promise protection against UVA and UVB rays, harmful and invisible radiation from the sun that can lead to premature aging and, in serious cases, skin cancer. Unknown to many in the UK, daily exposure to these rays are just as harmful as a tanning session in your nearest salon. UVA, which penetrates the skin more than UVB, even infiltrates glass – this results in our skin being just as vulnerable inside as out.

A top tip for protecting your skin is to layer the sun protection factor by first using a protective moisturiser, such as LUSH’s British Nanny Facial moisturiser complete with SPF 30, before applying SPF make-up.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends beauty products with SPFs of 15 minimum are essential when protecting your skin, especially with the UKs unpredictable weather! With this in mind, leading make-up brands (including Benefit and MAC) are responding with daily regime products such as Foundation, BB/CC creams, tinted moisturiser and moisturising creams all containing a range of SPFs.  In fact, in 2013, 80% of foundations in the UK market contained a sun protection factor. More recent products, such as Kiko’s City Filter Sunscreen Face Primer, even boast an SPF of 50.

Recent research has revealed that beauty products containing SPF sales have risen by 11% from last year already as a result of greater awareness and horrifying new figures from Cancer Research UK. CRUK revealed cases of the most serious type of skin cancer, Malignant Melanomas, are 5 times higher than that of 40 years ago due to our lack of everyday sun protection in the UK, despite recent ozone hole fears.

Three days ago at the beauty industry’s answer to the Oscars (CEW awards) many of the winners and runners-up contained sun-protecting factors, with Best New Makeup product for the Face going to Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30.

As a new light is shed upon the importance of everyday protection against the sun, and its significant necessity in the UK’s cosmetics, this is just the beginning for beauty’s most crucial emerging market yet.

Written by Kimberley Ho-A-Shoo. Images as captioned.