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The Sportmax collection is a cornucopia of textures, structures and voluminous silhouettes. A wide variety of materials are featured from angora jumpers, to quilted leather jackets, wools, suedes, beaver and sheers. It’s a strong collection with bold cuts and a sturdy colour scheme; charcoal grey, violet and that cobalt blue that seems to have taken over the world at the moment.

The textural details really bring it all to life though. The ribbed belts, studded bag straps, little zips on the jacket lapels, leather trim and stripes all merge to create a series of looks that are informal but impeccably styled. If I only I had them at my disposition the next time I received an invite with those dreaded words ‘smart-casual’ written on it…

Written by Francesca Bassenger.
Photographs © Sportmax courtesy of Stephanie Churchill PR.