The combination of shape, movement, unique craft techniques and sculptural one-off pieces are what come together to create exciting and up-and-coming independent knitwear label Karin Rising. The eponymous label was founded in Berlin by Swedish designer Karin Rising and aims to bring high quality, hand crafted knitwear pieces that last a lifetime.

Season-in and season-out the brand draws its inspiration from fragments of shape, mood and feelings. At the centre of the label is the want for something minimalist and utilitarian. Alongside a pragmatic sartorial approach lies Berlin as one of the key influences of the brand.

High quality knitwear that has been consciously produced is what gives this brand its stand out and versatile appeal. Its key demographic includes diverse women looking to buy pieces that transcend seasons.

Karin revealed: “I wanted to make wearable and versatile garments that last whilst aiming to bring in something new.”

Within the current collection Karin’s favourite piece includes the scarf wrap: “This particular piece represents the core idea of the line, the simplicity of the cut and the multiple ways in which to wear it. You can drape, twist or tie it. You can even wear it upside down, inside out or just play around!”

For SS15 we can expect: “Swathes of voluminous knits made light and airborne.” Karin added: “Along with new drapes and sweeping lengths, abstract bodies and understated light darkness, healing fibres and a bit of wabi-sabi.”

Written by Orla Wallis. Images © Karin Rising.

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