STORM commemorates 25 years of style and success with special edition timepieces for both men and women. Co-founded in 1989 by husband and wife, Steve Sun and Anna Lee, the heritage company has thrived as the only recognised British watch brand on the market today.

The brand’s sleek and intricate designs have led to STORM being sold in 45 different countries with over 30 stand alone stores. The high quality and trademark rotating ring second hand has advanced the watches into style pieces and independant accessories.

To celebrate this landmark, STORM has released two exquisite special edition styles: the men’s Hydroxis features a raised time face as well as a futuristic hour and second designs, whereas the women’s Sentilli style remains classic, elegant and timeless. It features STORM’s signature tiled strap in polished steel and refined time face design. By staying true to tradition and holding onto its values, STORM has been able to hold it’s own within the international watch market for the past 25 years.

Written by Gabrielle Kynoch. Images © STORM.