Designers Tamar and Natasha Surgladze claim their label is one of contrasts and that their collections ‘explore the unexpected’. This was certainly the case in the Taka Naka SS15 collection, presented at the Royal Academy during this season’s London Fashion Week.

The collection plays homage to the Romantic, with Victorian ruffles and a classic silhouette. However, the collection also experiments with curves and cut-outs, featuring original new necklines and skirt hems. The dual nature of the brand is also exemplified in the skirt shapes – some are slim-fitting and delicate while others are bold and voluminous. Sheer sleeves and blouses keep the collection fresh, while modesty is covered with carefully positioned appliqué fabrics. Above all there is an emphasis on shaping, with pleats and darts used to create interest and layering.

As in many other collections this season, there is a monochrome theme throughout, which is balanced with bright pops of pastel colour. Floral prints and polka dot patterns are kept simple and stylised. Ultimately, the label has created a high fashion collection whilst maintaining its signature sense of humour. While the label is one of stark contrasts, the designers have managed to create a seamless and timeless collection with something for everyone.

Written by Catherine Loader. Images © Taka Naka.