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The release of Scott Schuman’s latest photo-book comes just in time for the beginning of New York Fashion Week. ’The Sartorialist: Closer’ is the second volume in ’The Sartorialist’ series and, like it’s forerunner, is a visual encyclopaedia of street fashion.

As ever, Schuman’s ability to appreciate personal interpretations of style provides a sense of inclusivity that is often lacking in the industry. Fashionistas of every age, gender and ethnicity are applauded and admired.

The book comes in two covers, each including photographs that are unique to that version. There’s a gorgeous mix of subjects that meticulously choose their outfits combined with those for whom incredible styling is completely and utterly accidental. Either way, each image is a joy to behold and a true celebration of fashion.

Having first fallen in love with Schuman’s work via his blog ’The Sartorialist,’ it’s a beautiful thing to see images I enjoyed for fleeting moments, in the transitional nature of the online world, frozen permanently on paper to be coveted again and again.

Twitter: @Sartorialist

Reviewed by Francesca Bassenger. Photography © Scott Schuman, with thanks to Penguin Press.