Quietly nestled away in a backstreet of Holborn lies The Hospital Club where, earlier this month, London Collections Men held its hub and exhibition. Designers, both well-known and emerging, neatly displayed their wares and provided the opportunity to discuss the finer points of their collections one-on-one. Amongst these I found Alexander Stutterheim, founder and creative director of Stutterheim Raincoats, and my favourite piece from the exhibition; The Stockholm Coat.

Available in a variety of colours, the unisex Stockholm Coat is made of rubberised thick cotton with double welded seams. It’s a ‘leaner’ version of its big brother the Arholma coat, which has a separate lining and hand-stitched seams, but it is no less the luxury item. In fact, in my opinion, the look and feel of the welded seams gives it a certain youthful and creative edge over the Arholma. It’s proof that even the tiniest detail can make a big difference and, according to Stutterheim, this has been mirrored in the sales with the Stockholm Coat having been the more popular of the two.

Stutterheim was inspired to start his company when he found his grandfather’s old fishing coat and decided to reinvent it in a contemporary way, whilst retaining the high quality that is achieved with a handmade product. The Swedish brand has continued to grow in popularity ever since and is now available in London from Selfridges.

When I asked Alexander Stutterheim why he thought his raincoats had been so well received in the UK he said, “I think that Londoners know better then anyone else in the world how it is to embrace the rain in their everyday lives. As the rain makes some people slightly melancholic, I think you are good at embracing melancholia too. I believe that melancholy is just a preface of creativity and, from that point of view, London is also one of the most fascinating cities I have ever been to.”

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © Stutterheim Raincoats.