The pieces at the forefront of the Tim Ryan Resort 2015 collection provide option after option, with rich pink-gold tones contrasting against the solid black base that makes up much of the colour palette.  The collection comes with over the top use of texture and energy, with specific plays on fit, flow and colour, all talentedly cut with a sense of ease.

Although femininity is rarely far from the topic of conversation, Tim Ryan bases the construction on one particular look – sport luxe tailoring – which, when paired with masculine military monochrome style shoes, highlights his ability to keep the styles bedecked in feministic mannerisms.

Just as impressive as the dresses are the separates; these almost Gatsby-accented creations open up a maze of questions. The looks express freedom, independence and a have a carefree edge to them. Modelled against an idiosyncratic silhouette, the whole collection shows multiple interpretations of playful sophistication and elegance, with a slight nod to the 1920’s.

 Written by Mariel Jones. Images © Tim Ryan.