image012 image011 Todd Lynn, Menswear, Spring Summer, 2014, London

In the darkened basement of a Covent Garden members club, with rock band Wolf Alice playing to an audience of fashionistas, Todd Lynn unleashed his latest collection inspired by William Burrough’s novel ‘The Wild Boys,’

With a palette of black, white and khaki, so typical of Lynn, the collection consisted of classic leather gilets, alongside tailored jackets, minus their collars with the rawest of edges for embellishment. But then emerged Lynn’s more feminine side. Set against such fiercely strong fabrics were silk panels with printed stripes, not dissimilar from those belonging to a suit jacket lining, adding a lighter spring-time feel.  Finally, as the models reached the end of the catwalk, they exposed their slender bare backs and harness belt detailing: A rock and roll collection, for even the most ladylike of women.

Written by Sian-Louise Auld. Images courtesy of Todd Lynn.