“A celebration of English eccentricity and a continued play on the formal versus informal dressing” – these are the official words used to describe the Turnball and Asser Spring/Summer 2015 collection by Dean Gomilsek-Cole, the brand’s current head of design. In a true sense, the collection embodies the eccentric rigour of the quintessential English dandy. Bright colours, bold prints and crisp tailoring, are some of the elements used to demonstrate this fact.

A take on traditional English dressing comes in the form of loosely cut shirts; the chosen colours giving them a very soft summery feel. Checked patterns, horizontal and Bengal stripes are scattered upon white surfaces helped amplify the vibrancy of the colours and give them a modern edge. The designer starts to play with the notion of informality by adorning silk scarves and ties with elaborate paisley prints.

As is expected from a heritage brand with a royal warrant, brilliant tailoring comes in the form of a blue stripped double breasted blazer and a robe-inspired, belted, silk jacket. These two pieces bring a languid and relaxed but, nevertheless, rich atmosphere into the mix. In many ways, this collection ticks the right boxes for the Turnbull and Asser target market; a man who is not too fashion forward but at the same time is not too conservative with his sense of style – standing out from the crowd albeit in a subtle way. While this collection may be too classic for some, it strikes a comfortable balance between fashion and tradition that will undoubtedly find great appeal within its niche.

Written by Oge Dike. Images by Turnbull and Asser.