When at press days, it’s  sometimes difficult to remember that they are not shopping trips… well, not for a person with my diminutive budget anyway. Despite this, racks of stunning garments, most likely totalling tens of thousands of pounds, hang on rails looking not too dissimilar to a Topshop sale. There’s little glamour involved here but I love viewing the pieces this way; in the raw tungsten light of the Village lower ground studio, these pieces have nowhere to hide. There is no gorgeous model to fill them, no clever styling to enhance them and no backdrop or music to contextualise them. They are just clothes on a hanger and they must speak for themselves. They do.

The incredible skill that has gone into the intricate floral beading on the Holly Fulton pieces this season is best appreciated up close. Each little flower is delicately constructed of multiple layers, painstakingly assembled and perfectly formed.

Equally inspirational are Self-Portrait’s pieces in lace; the work is so beautifully fine that it should be framed. Paired with sheer panels and a colour palette of white and nude, this collection is pure femininity.

The SS15 Fyodor Golan collection is sadly not well served by the circumstances, it’s structured pieces really requiring more than a hanger to demonstrate the artistry of their cuts. That said, the relaxed setting affords the time to truly take in the multitude of prints and textures that this collection has to offer: I’m suddenly aware of a fantasy / fairytale element that I hadn’t previously noted.

A surprise favourite came in the form of Tatty Devine’s ombre jewellery; in particular a chunky acrylic chain in opaque sunset tones.

Written by and images © Francesca Bassenger.