Head of the London College of Fashion Frances Corner discusses and comments on 101 social, economical and environmental points that make the fashion industry an important part of our world today. Why Fashion Matters, released later this month, presents these snippets as combined info and inspo, peppered with facts, punchy quotes and personal insight.

The natural teacher in Corner shines through in her writing, both in the pride with which she talks about LCF students and in the way in which she prompts the reader to find their own answers, as opposed to always providing a conclusive one herself. The result is a thought provoking read delivered with gentle authority.

Although the book can be read cover to cover in a few short hours, it is one that I can see myself returning to again and again for reference. Admittedly the structure of the book might have benefitted from being arranged into themes for this purpose, also because some recurring themes such as environmental issues can seem repetitive having moved on and then returned to them a few times.

In terms of relevance, it is an essential read for any aspiring fashion industry professional or fashion student. There are plenty of books that chronicle the current who’s who of the fashion world, but very few that deal with the serious what’s what. Although Corner does engage the creative side of fashion, and the importance of keeping this alive, it is often from the point of its place within an industry setting. Nevertheless, regardless of the topic, the format and tone of the book ensures that each thought is digestible, engaging and accessible.

My favourite thing about Why Fashion Matters is that it takes an industry that is stereotyped as being elitist, superficial and inward facing and highlights it as an integral thread in the economical, psychological and environmental fabric of the society in which we live today.

Why Fashion Matters is released on the 16th April.

Reviewed by Francesca Bassenger. Image © and courtesy of Thames & Hudson.