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Where do I begin… mesh? long draping silks? baby pink? tassels? frills? sweatshirts? evening gowns… ? If it all sounds a bit confused that’s because it is. The Zeynep Tosun collection for SS14 was a bit of a roller-coaster, with a lot of ups and downs.

As the first few models stepped out onto catwalk in full-length navy, taupe and baby pink evening gowns my first reaction was ‘bleurgh.’ Never having been one for shiny silk evening-wear it all just seemed a bit ‘Dynasty boudoir’ with the tasselled bead embellishment.

Suddenly things got all urban and that marshmallow pink transformed into mesh vests and a hot-as-you-like oversized bomber jacket. Navy silk shorts and a matching crop top with a sexy little bralet peeping out from underneath did even more to change my opinion.

From this point onwards the Zeynep Tosun collection got better and better (with the exception of a nude silk jumpsuit). The embellished white sweatshirt with mesh skirt was a particular favourite. On the whole, I left the show with a positive feeling, although it does seem that in trying to cover too many bases the collection was unbalanced and fragmented.